Want to Boost Your Career by Taking Professional Development Classes? 5 Reasons to Sign up for Happy Teacher Courses

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Enroll in Happy Teacher’s Professional Development Classes to Earn More Doing What You Love
April 29, 2022
Shara Ruppert from Vantage Point High School Is Named Student of the Month
Shara Ruppert from Vantage Point High School Is Named “Student of the Month” in Her Happy Teacher Classes
June 14, 2022
Happy Teacher Classes

There’s no shortage of professional development classes for teachers. A quick Google search yields more than 300 million results. Even if only 10% of those hits lead to reputable courses, you must still wade through 30 million choices. Yikes! No one has the time for that, let alone busy educators.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly narrow down the options, Happy Teacher is here to help. We offer dozens of classes that focus on everything from supporting students with IEPs to using learning management systems.

Still on the fence? Here are some of the biggest reasons to enroll in our teacher classes:

1. You Can Complete the Courses at Your Own Pace

All the online classes at Happy Teacher start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. Since they are self-paced, you can join as late as the 21st. More than 99% of students who enroll complete all their assignments before the final deadline. However, if an emergency arises and you cannot finish the class in the allotted time frame, you may transfer your enrollment to another month for just $15.

2. You Can Use the Courses to Pursue Professional Advancement

Happy Teacher classes are approved for license renewal in the following states:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Illinois
  • Montana
  • New York
  • Texas

The successful completion of these courses can also assist with pay scale advancement in many school districts. Districts typically require graduate-level transcripts from an accredited university to move teachers up the pay scale. Every Happy Teacher class offers optional credits through Adams State University (ASU).

3. You Can Find Ways to Earn More Money

Better retirement benefits are often a by-product of teacher salary advancement. Taking courses can possibly enhance your resume and may give you more negotiating power in future job interviews. What’s more, the actual cost of the classes may be deductible in certain scenarios.

4. You Can Stay in the Know

Teachers who prioritize continuing education are able to create more comprehensive curriculum for their students. This is especially true when they’re committed to mastering the latest technologies so they can apply them in the classroom. Whether you’re interested in using Google Hyperdocs or creating a teacher website, we’ve got a class for you.

5. You Can Become a Happy Teacher!

Since happy teachers make for happy students, we’ve got all kinds of courses on health and wellness. From cultivating kindness to managing stress, our classes aim to help teachers become more well-rounded, so they can go on to help their students thrive.

Enroll in One of Our Professional Development Classes Today!

Whether you want to pursue teacher salary advancement or find more balance in your life, Happy Teacher classes can help. In addition to reaping the benefits mentioned above, all our courses have optional graduate credits from ASU.

To preview several classes and see which one you want to take first, sign up for our Happy Teacher Workshop. Upon completing four introductions at your own pace, you’ll get a certificate for 15 hours toward your license renewal and one optional graduate credit from ASU. When you check out, use the coupon code HAPPY to get $50 off.

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