Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I access the class?
A: You will receive an email within 24 hours of registering. It will contain the Schoology course code.
Q: When do classes start and end?
A: All of our courses start the first of the month and end the last day of the month. You can join a current session up until the 21st of that month.
Q: Do I need to buy Adams State University credit?
A: Our classes are approved for license renewal in California, Colorado, Illinois, Montana, New York, and Texas so you do not need to purchase a transcript. For pay scale advancement, it depends on your school district. Most districts require graduate-level transcripts from an accredited University (like Adams State University) in order to move up the pay scale. Check with your district.
Q: How do I add ASU credit?
The adjunct professor will send you the link once you complete the course to ensure you register for the correct semester.
Q: When will I receive my Adams State University transcript? Will I receive a letter grade or P/F?
A: We send grades to ASU on the 1st and 15th of every month. Adams State University mails transcripts within 2 weeks. You will receive a letter grade on your transcript.
Q: Do I need to request a transcript?
A: Once you register for the class on the ASU link, they will automatically mail you one complimentary transcript when the course ends. They charge $10 for additional copies.
Q: What if I can't finish my class before the end of the month?
A: All of our courses are project-based and applicable to your life. Over 99.4% of Happy Teachers find the month time-frame perfect for the content. However, if there is an emergency that doesn't allow you to complete a course, you can pay $15 to transfer your enrollment to another month.
Q: How many credits can I take per semester with ASU?
A: ASU is an accredited University and allows you to take 20 credits per semester.
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