Google Certification Level 2 Advanced Training

Google Certification Level 2 Advanced Training

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November 11, 2021
Level1 Certified Educator
Google Certification Level 1 Fundamentals Training
November 11, 2021
3 Semester Credits
Recommended For: Teachers, Counselors, Administration

In this 3 credit graduate-level course, students will learn advanced Google skills.  Google Certification Level 2 certification is an expertise certification for an educator who is a super Google user and enthusiast of Google tools in the classroom.  This advanced course builds upon concepts from the Fundamentals Training course.  Obtaining Google Level 1 certification first is highly recommended.

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Promote and Model the Effective Use of Digital Tools
  • Leverage Learning Models to Personalize Learning
  • Use Advanced Features to Optimize Workflow
  • Analyze and Interpret Student Data
  • Organize Your Class and School Materials More Effectively
  • Design Interactive Curricula
  • Teach Beyond the Four Walls of Your Classroom
  • Harness the Power of Google for Research
  • Give Students a Voice

Optional: Adams State University Credit

*Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $165).

Class Code

Schoology course code is emailed after payment.

3 reviews for Google Certification Level 2 Advanced Training

  1. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “This course really gave me the time I needed to look at all the Google tools and how to use them in the classroom.”

  2. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “My students LOVED doing the shared map. We made a fun one of their favorite restaurants!”

  3. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “Collaboration with Google Slides has been a game changer for me and my classroom!”

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