Google Certification Level 2 Advanced Training

Google Certification Level 2 Advanced Training

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November 11, 2021
Level1 Certified Educator
Google Certification Level 1 Fundamentals Training
November 11, 2021
3 Semester Credits
Recommended For: Teachers, Counselors, Administration

This course prepares an educator to become a Google Certified Level 2 educator.  Participants will learn to use Google for Education technology tools at an advanced level.  The Google Level 2 Course is aimed at educators seeking to learn the advanced features of Gmail, Drive, and Classroom as well as some lesser known tools such as My Maps, Arts & Culture, and Google Scholar. The training challenges teachers to learn new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest technology and education. Google Level 2 Certified Trainers are better able to personalize learning for students, use digital portfolios to share student learning, and prepare their students to be digital citizens. Students that are taught Google tools have an enhanced learning experience by becoming advocates for their own learning experience, are better prepared for the future with increased digital literacy skills, and increase student independence through self-directed learning. Google Certification also connects the educator with a network of trainers, allowing them to collaborate, share ideas, and learn from others.  Google Level 2 Certified teachers also have opportunities to become leaders within their buildings by training other educators.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Create Digital Portfolios to showcase student knowledge.
  • Design lessons that include interactive presentations, lessons, and videos to promote student engagement and motivation.
  • Instruct students how to use Google Scholar, Translate, and Advanced Search to find relevant and accurate information efficiently.
  • Organize student and guardian information with Google calendar, apps, and extensions to increase communication and create a more inclusive and personalized learning environment.
  • Develop mastery of Google for Education advanced tools in order to provide training to others.

Optional: Adams State University Credit

*Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $165).

Class Code

Schoology course code is emailed after payment.

15 reviews for Google Certification Level 2 Advanced Training

  1. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “This course really gave me the time I needed to look at all the Google tools and how to use them in the classroom.”

  2. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “My students LOVED doing the shared map. We made a fun one of their favorite restaurants!”

  3. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “Collaboration with Google Slides has been a game changer for me and my classroom!”

  4. Jen Cooper

    “I love Google! I thought I knew a lot, but I just learned a ton!!” -Shannon M.

  5. Jen Cooper

    “I gained a much deeper understanding of how to better utilize google tools (that I was already slightly familiar with) in my classroom–plus I learned about a ton of new tools too!” -Jessica P.

  6. Jen Cooper

    “I really loved all of the information that they presented about the tools – I learned so much about Google Slides in particular!” -Kelly M.

  7. Jen Cooper

    “Excellent course! The concrete examples of how to use Google apps (make your own adventure book, hyperdoc worksheet, 20% project) were most useful.” -Helena S.

  8. Jen Cooper

    “The information I learned from the section on Google Classroom was very effective and I have new ideas I am excited to try out in my classroom.” -Chris L.

  9. Jen Cooper

    “It really was advanced and I have a deeper understanding of what is all available and accessible to me as teacher and for my students.” -Brad B.

  10. Jen Cooper

    “I enjoyed learning more advanced skills in Google! There are so many fantastic tools to use!” -Sabrina M.

  11. Jen Cooper

    “I loved learning about the Google Lit resources through Google Earth and using Forms for parent contact info. So many great resources for teachers!” -Megan M.

  12. Jen Cooper

    “I like to be able to do classes at my own pace and appreciate that I was able to spend the amount of time I needed in each section of this course. It also had very clear the explanations. Finally, my instructor answered my questions in a very timely manner.” -Maribel B.

  13. Jen Cooper

    “Thank you for the Google test study cards. I am confident in my ability to pass the test!” -Seth M.

  14. Jen Cooper

    “Many of the things that I learned are directly and immediately applicable to my teaching. Connectivity of Google products and apps will save time in communication and organization. We do not learn this in regular teacher training, so finding our the nuances of Google was enriching and helpful.” -Tim P.

  15. Jen Cooper

    “I loved learning so many new things that I can use in my classroom with my students! I had no idea just how much is available in google!” -Katie A.

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