Google Hyperdocs

Google Hyperdocs

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Online Formative Assessment Tools
November 11, 2021
Google Classroom
Google Classroom
November 11, 2021
1 Semester Credits
Recommended For: Teachers, Counselors, Administration

As more schools go one-to-one with devices, our instruction is changing. Hyperdocs were created by Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, and Sarah Landis Hyperdocs allow you to create a digital lesson on Google docs for inquiry-based learning. In this 1 credit graduate-level course, participants will cover the 7 sections of a basic hyperdoc.  This class is project-based and you will walk away with a Hyperdoc ready to use in your classroom.  This is a great way to demonstrate how you incorporate technology into the classroom.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will create a hyperdoc that allows their students to:

  •     Analyze the 4 C’s of 21st Century skills.
  •     Explore how a hyperdoc can be used in their classroom.
  •     Create a hyperdoc with either a template, remix another hyperdoc, or from scratch.
  •     Explore one of the technology tools for students to use the 4 create, collaborate, connect, or use critical thinking. 

Optional: Adams State University Credit
*Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $55).

Class Code
Schoology course code is emailed after payment.

3 reviews for Google Hyperdocs

  1. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “I had never heard of hyperdocs before this class. They are amazing! Thank you for a great class.”

  2. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “My favorite part of this class is that the assignment is something I will use in my classroom tomorrow.”

  3. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “The Hyperdoc BINGO is wonderful! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful resources.”

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