The 20 Semester Balanced Teacher Package

The 20 Semester Balanced Teacher Package

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October 25, 2022
20 Semester Credits
Recommended For: Teachers, Counselors, Administration

Join our Balanced Teacher cohort and receive a significant discount on our most popular Happy Teacher classes: Stress Management, Teacher Leadership, Integrating Social-Emotional Learning, Happy Teacher, Healthy Classroom, Happy Schools: Create a More Positive Environment, Pear Deck and Book Creator.  *Price is reduced to $1399 when you add this package to your cart.

20 Semester Cohort ONLY $1399!!!

  • Complete 20 semester credits in 3 months.*
  • Small cohort for personalized feedback and collaboration.
  • Maximize your time with courses that are self-paced.
  • Implement practical strategies with hands-on relevant assignments. 
  • Earn graduate level credit from an accredited university for an additional fee.**
  • Enrollment closes on May 10th.

This cohort will take the following courses:


Stress Management. This course will help you understand what stress is and help you know the differences between “good stress” and “bad stress.” You will also identify your stressors, reflect upon how you manage your stress, and utilize effective relaxation and stress reduction techniques.

Teacher Leadership. This course is designed for you to engage in a meaningful project or work for your classroom, school, organization, or state.


Integrating Social-Emotional Learning: You will learn the core competencies and benefits of social emotional learning for schools, students, and adults. Students will have the opportunity to explore a spectrum of strategies to incorporate SEL practices into their classrooms and larger school communities.

Happy Teacher, Healthy Classroom:  You will learn why health and wellness are integral to both learning and teaching.  Students will develop an action plan on how to implement nutrition and physical activity both in their personal lives and in the classroom


Happy Schools: Create a More Positive Environment:  You will learn evidence-based practices for creating a more positive working environment.  Students will have a better understanding of personality types and how to manage conflict

Pear Deck:   You will learn to use Pear Deck to engage all of your learners. This course will take you step-by-step to create an account, experience Pear Deck as a student, create interactive slides for your own classroom, and use all of the teacher features.

Book Creator.  You will create a book on Book Creator for students to show their learning in an interactive and fun way.

*Since this is a cohort, classes can not be changed.  

Price is reduced to $1,399 when you add this package to your cart.

Optional: Adams State University Credit

**Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $1,100).

Class Code

Schoology course code is emailed after payment.


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