Q: Are the courses self-paced?

A: Yes, they are self-paced within the month you register. Everything is online.

Q: How long are the courses?

A: Most of our courses run monthly (start on the 1st of the month and end the last day of the month).  This allows you to focus on a course and get your certificate/ transcript in a timely manner.  The last day to join a current section is the 21st of the month.

However, we have several courses that run on a semester schedule

  • Teacher Leadership
  • Wellness Champion
  • Google Tools for Blended Learning 
  • Professional Development Leader
  • Google Hyperdocs
  • Chrome Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons

Semester-long courses have rolling open enrollment. You may enroll at any time, but you must finish the course by the specified dates.

Semester Schedule:

  • Summer: May - August (course must be completed by August 31st)
  • Fall: September - December (course must be completed by December 31st)
  • Spring: January - April (course must be completed by April 30th)

Q: How long does it take to finish a course?

A: While every student is different, in general we recommend allowing for the following time allotments:

1 credit course = 15 hours

2 credit course = 30 hours

3 credit course = 45 hours

Over 99.4% of Happy Teachers finish the course on time!

Q: Can I change my start date/ month?

A: Yes, you can change the start date on your dashboard by selecting “Change Start Date.”  It costs $15 to transfer to a different month to cover the Schoology fee.

Q: When will I receive my Adams State University transcript? Will I receive a letter grade or P/F?

A: We know it’s important to feel confident that online courses will work for you.  We offer our Introduction online workshop for only $15, so you can see if we are the right fit.  You will get a certificate of completion for 15 hours when you finish.  Or you can purchase the workshop with 1 semester graduate-level credit for only $80.

Q: How are the courses delivered and what are the assignments like?

A: Our courses are a mixture of online lectures and resources delivered through the Schoology platform. 

Assignments are project-based and applicable to your life/classroom.  Assignments are a mixture of discussions, quizzes, and hands-on assignments. We pride ourselves on having relevant, meaningful course work that you can implement in your classroom or buildings immediately.

Q: How do I access my course?

A: You will access your course via the Happy Teacher website. 

  • Log into Happy Teacher
  • Click on “My Courses”  
  • Click on "Course Details"
  • Click on  “Go to My Course" 

This will take you directly to your course without having to log into Schoology. No course code required.

Q: What if I don’t see my course on the dashboard?

A: If you have a Schoology account associated with your teaching position or a parent account, you will need to logout of Schoology.  Then logout and back into the Happy Teacher website. Your courses should appear.  If they do not, please contact us.

Q: What is the accreditation and does my transcript show a letter grade?

A: Upper Iowa University and Adams State University are both HLC accredited.

You will receive a letter grade for your course.  

90-100% = A

80-89% = B 

<80 = F

Q: How do I get my certificate of completion and/ or transcript?

A: When you finish your course and your assignments have been graded, you will select “Complete Course” on the dashboard.  This will allow you to complete the course evaluation.  This triggers the certificate of completion, which is emailed to you and will appear on your dashboard within 24 hours so you always have access to it.

Q: How do I get my transcript?

A: Upper Iowa University: Once you select “Complete Course” and fill out the course evaluation, Upper Iowa will be sent your grade.  Once they have posted your grade, you will get an email that your transcript is ready to order.  You can order your digital transcript from the National Student Clearinghouse for $10.  If you are taking multiple courses, wait until all grades have been posted so you only pay this fee once.

Adams State University: If you would like credit from ASU, purchase the course without graduate-credit on the website.  After you complete the course, email your instructor for the most up-to-date ASU link.  You will pay ASU separately. ASU sends us grade sheets on the 1st and 15th of every month.  They mail a complimentary transcript 10-14 days after posting your grade.  If you need a digital copy, you can order a digital copy for $16 from Parchment.

Q: I purchased the course without graduate-level credit. Can I add it on later?

A: Yes, you have the option to add on graduate-level credit after completing the course.  If you select “purchase graduate-level credit” from your dashboard, your grade will be sent to Upper Iowa University.  If you would like to purchase a transcript from Adams State University, please contact your instructor for the most up-to-date link.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: We have a no refund policy because you immediately receive access to your course.  Please check with your district and state before you purchase a class.

Q: Can my school/ district pay for my course?

A: Yes, if you would like us to invoice your district, please contact us at “classes@happyteacherpd.com”

Q: Can I use Happy Teacher courses towards a Master’s in Education Degree?

A: Yes, you use four 3 semester courses (12 semester credits total) towards several Master’s in Education Degrees with Upper Iowa University. Check out this page for more information.

Q: How does Happy Teacher Cash work?

A: You receive:

  • $10 Happy Teacher cash for EVERY class you complete  
  • $20 Happy Teacher cash for EVERY new friend or colleague you refer
  • $5 for each: following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • $10 on your birthday

Happy Teacher cash can be used on courses, graduate-level credit (only with UIU), and Happy Teacher gear- YETI mugs, YETI lunch bags, Simple Truth Water Tumblers, Canvas Tote Bags, and Silk Lanyards.

Q: How does my referral link work?


  • Login to your Happy Teacher account and click on Rewards
  • The Rewards pop-up menu should appear.  Scroll down and you will see Refer Friends and your unique URL.  
  • Share your URL with friends and colleagues via email or social media. When they make a purchase using your unique URL, they will receive $20 Happy Teacher Cash on their next purchase. You will also be awarded $20 Happy Teacher Cash for the referral (upon a short verification period).
  • Referrals are only valid for new customers.

Q: Who can I contact for additional information?

A: You can contact “classes@happyteacherpd.com” for any questions or additional information.