Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership

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The ABC’s of 504’s and IEPs
November 11, 2021
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November 11, 2021
3 Semester Credits
Recommended For: Teachers, Counselors, Administration

In this 3 credit graduate-level course. Teachers, counselors, or administrators will demonstrate leadership in instruction, policy, professional development, or association.  This course is designed for you to engage in a meaningful project or work for your classroom, school, organization, or state.  Leadership looks different for every individual and every school.  You will submit your project proposal, complete a log of all activities and time (totaling 30 hours), submit proof of activities, and write a final reflection paper.

Not sure what kind of leadership work you would like to do? Here is a list of possible options:

  • Create, research, update, or align curriculum.
  • Independent study to learn new instructional technology tools.
  • Teach a professional development course to colleagues or educators.
  • Take courses in either content area, education, leadership, diversity, equity, literacy, or health.
  • Organize field trips or travel for students or teachers.
  • Create a mentorship program.
  • Host a student teacher.
  • Research educational policies and advocate for change.
  • Lead your school, district, state, or nation to implement policies for education.
  • Contact local, state, or national leaders to implement policies in education.
  • Assist getting a referendum, bond, or levy passed.
  • Engage with a union or association to advocate for policies or change.
  • Become a representative in your local association.

Optional: Adams State University Credit

*Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $165).

Class Code

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  1. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “Fantastic videos and tips on teacher leadership. I love that it focused on things teachers do every day!”

  2. happyteacher (verified owner)

    “I am so happy I am able to get graduate-level credit for all the extra work I did this year! Thank you!”

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