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Teacher Leadership

Teacher Leadership

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Course Description

This course is designed to provide teachers with the knowledge, skills, and practical strategies necessary to lead in today’s diverse and dynamic educational environment. It aims to cultivate leadership potential in every educator.  Designed for teachers, counselors, and administrators, this course empowers individuals to demonstrate exemplary leadership in various domains, including instruction, policy, professional development, and association.  Through engaging in a personally meaningful project or initiative within their own school, organization, state, or national level, participants will develop and refine their leadership capabilities while making a tangible impact on the educational community.  Participants benefit from deep discussions about culture, social justice, culturally responsive teaching, and positive management in the classroom.

Not sure what kind of leadership work you would like to do? Here is a list of possible options:

  • Create, research, update, or align curriculum.
  • Independent study to learn new instructional technology tools.
  • Teach a professional development course to colleagues or educators.
  • Take courses in either content area, education, leadership, diversity, equity, literacy, or health.
  • Organize field trips or travel for students or teachers.
  • Create a mentorship program.
  • Host a student teacher.
  • Research educational policies and advocate for change.
  • Lead your school, district, state, or nation to implement policies for education.
  • Contact local, state, or national leaders to implement policies in education.
  • Assist getting a referendum, bond, or levy passed.
  • Engage with a union or association to advocate for policies or change.
  • Become a representative in your local association.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Explore and develop leadership capacities in the context of education, understanding that effective leadership takes diverse forms based on the individual strengths and the unique needs of each educational institution.
  • Investigate ways to influence policy at the classroom, school, district, state, or national level
  • Engage in a personally relevant and meaningful project or initiative that aligns with personal and professional goals and addresses a specific challenge or opportunity within the educational landscape. The leadership project will positively impact education.
  • Create a comprehensive log of all project-related activities, including time spent, accomplishments, challenges encountered, and key insights gained during the course of the project.
  • Write a comprehensive reflection paper that analyzes and synthesizes the leadership experience, highlighting personal growth, insights gained, and strategies for further leadership development.

Course Instructors

  • “Fantastic videos and tips on teacher leadership. I love that it focuses on things teachers do every day!”

  • “I am so happy I am able to get graduate-level credit for all the extra work I did this year! Thank you!”

  • “I loved that you offered a choice. I was able to pick and focus on something that I wanted to do to help and grow my skills as a leader.”

  • I enjoyed learning about the different perspectives of leadership.”

  • “This course helped me become a better leader and helped me learn to improve my current practice.”

  • “This course has clear expectations and I learned a LOT from the lessons!”

  • “I LOVE the ted talks. I learn the best from hearing these inspiring people!”

  • “I liked that I could earn credit for developing my leadership skills in a way that impacted students.”

  • “I liked the front loading of instructional videos and the time to continue our own learning while implementing our project.”

  • “The course was so nicely laid out and easy to understand with the routine of how each module looked liked. I also liked logging the leadership project because it makes you put more thought into a leadership project.”

  • “I like the wide open possibilities – to do what leadership project we think serves us best. It really honors the time and work teachers do every day.”

  • “This course forced me to create a project that will be very helpful for next year. Thank you!”

  • “I absolutely loved all of the TED Talks. It is inspiring to hear from other teachers/leaders about how we impact others and how to be effective leaders.”

  • “This course was well organized, and had a great balance of resources and useful projects.”

  • “This course gave me the confidence to continue on with my initiative to get STEM programming in all elementary schools.”

  • “I loved that this course was applicable to what I needed to be doing this summer to get ready for the next year of teaching and teacher leadership.”

  • “I loved the flexibility of this course and the opportunity to make it meaningful for something I am already doing in my classroom.”

  • “I loved the opportunities to share the leadership work I am doing in my school and it helped me be intentional and record where my time has gone. Also, I loved the videos on leadership!”

  • “I appreciate that this course pushed me to dive deeper into a role that I was already entering into. The added by-in has helped me find the joy in connecting with the larger school community.”

  • “I loved reading about other teachers’ passion projects in the discussion posts. Reading through their ideas inspired more brainstorming on my end for future project possibilities.”

  • I loved the real-world application – a project that is part of my daily work at school! Nice integration to professional practice!”

  • “It was straightforward and provided some great resources and opportunities for me to reflect on my own leadership practices.”

  • “I loved being able to create a tool that was useful to my entire department that impacts all of our students in a positive manner.”

  • “This class pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me to grow as an educator, and helped me connect with the material that I am teaching my students. I love that what we created in this class will be a valuable resource for years to come!”

  • “This course has instantly and permanently positively affected my leadership in a personal and a professional way.”