Trauma-Informed Education

Trauma-Informed Education

Using Seesaw to Elevate Student Work
Using Seesaw to Elevate Student Work
November 11, 2021
Black and White Watch
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November 11, 2021
3 Semester Credits
Recommended For: Teachers, Counselors, Administration

The impact of trauma on a student’s educational performance and attainment is profound, with potential influences on cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses. This advanced-level course is designed to provide educators with an in-depth understanding of trauma informed education, underlining the vital role of ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of all members of the school community. Upon completion of this course, educators will have the skills necessary to cultivate a trauma-responsive learning environment that emphasizes courage, empathy, and self-regulation. Furthermore, they will gain knowledge on how to shape an inclusive and supportive educational setting that addresses the unique needs of each student.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Analyze the theoretical foundation of trauma-informed education by evaluating relevant research and literature.
  • Create a comprehensive plan for implementing trauma-informed practices in the classroom, incorporating strategies that prioritize courage, empathy, and self-control. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies for supporting the physical and emotional well-being of school staff and assess their impact on student outcomes.
  • Synthesize knowledge of trauma-informed education to design and implement culturally responsive interventions that address the unique needs of students who have experienced trauma.

Optional: Adams State University Credit

*Optional Adams State University credit after the class ends (additional $165).

Class Code

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20 reviews for Trauma-Informed Education

  1. happyteacher

    “Trauma-informed education was new to me and I appreciated the resources that we engaged with to grow my understanding and the assignments that allowed for reflection on my own practices.”

  2. happyteacher

    “This class taught me a lot about trauma and how prevalent it is in our world today. This class will genuinely change my teaching practices! I have already shared my new learning with colleagues and teacher friends. I will definitely share this class and recommend it to my colleagues and teacher friends!!”

  3. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “Although I have done some previous education about trauma informed practices, it was good to revisit and check in with myself about what I have actually been applying and what I could improve on.” – Krista J.

  4. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I liked that it has things we could implement right away and wasn’t just theories. I wanted to have concrete ideas moving forward for how to help our students.” – Jamie S.

  5. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “It was super practical and I walked away with an action plan and useable material.” – Kristin H.

  6. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I loved this course and learned so much! I feel like I have good strategies to help students deal with their stress.” – Laura P.

  7. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I loved all of the strategies to help me deal with discipline with students dealing with trauma (and really all students), along with ways to help build positive relationships with all students.” – Kelly M.

  8. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “This class was a great introduction to trauma-informed education. It really changed my view on student behaviors in class, and allowed me to realize how easy it can be to make my class more trauma-informed.” – Jaymie I.

  9. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “The research presented about Children with Trauma, I had not considered so many factors and I feel like I can communicate with my students in a more effective way going forward.” – Jennifer M.

  10. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “The information was relevant to my classroom right now. I was able to implement and adapt my teaching practice immediately. ” – Lisa H.

  11. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “The information was immediately useful in my classroom and helped me adjust the way I react to challenging behaviors. Because it is big-picture, it had caused a shift not in what I teach, but in the way I teach. Knowing that there are a myriad of experiences students have which shape their behavior and attitudes, I can approach all interactions with more patience and understanding.” – Timothy P.

  12. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “The content was spot-on. The articles and videos were informative and meaningful!” – Carol M.

  13. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I really loved all of the videos and articles that I read for the course assignments. There is so much I am taking back to my staff and want to start conversations about. A lot of the assignments had me really thinking hard, especially the collaborative problem solving.” – Samantha K.

  14. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “The content was so eye-opening! Often we forget the trauma our students carry with them. We need to be informed on how to approach that trauma.” – Francis H.

  15. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I enjoyed learning new and better information about discipline and accountability and coming up with ways to teach our colleagues how to create trauma informed classroom.” – Tiffany C.

  16. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I appreciated that trauma was addressed from so many different angles. The content was very thorough and helpful.” – Taylor F.

  17. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “Powerful reminders of simple perspectives and practices to support students who have experienced trauma (and all other students as well!)” – Rebecca M.

  18. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “It really caused me to pause and think about my reactions and discipline procedures with students.” – Christy C.

  19. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I learned a lot about progressive information pertaining to students with trauma and how to best help them.” – Janis D.

  20. Jen Cooper (verified owner)

    “I’m most grateful for the ability to work at my own pace when I had time available. Additionally, I really appreciated the understanding that while I’ll never be able to understand what students are experiencing through trauma, I don’t have to. My job is to just create the safe space for students to grow and learn within my classroom.” -James F.

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