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ABC's of 504s and IEPs

ABC's of 504s and IEPs

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Course Description

It is crucial for educators to understand the difference between 504s and IEPs, which provide distinct support and accommodations for students with disabilities. Understanding these differences enables teachers to meet student needs effectively and ensures legal compliance. 

By the end of the course, educators will have a high level understanding of the legal requirements and procedural aspects of 504 plans and IEPs. They will be equipped to promote inclusive practices, engage families in the process and foster educational success for all students. This course will empower professionals to ensure that every student receives the support they need to thrive in educational settings.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Analyze the legal frameworks governing the development and implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 plans.
  2. Understand the IDEA child find process, including its purpose, procedures, and legal requirements, to effectively identify and evaluate students who may be eligible for special education services and supports.
  3. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) process implemented in your school/district, including its key components, data-driven decision-making, and evidence-based interventions, to effectively support the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs of all students.
  4. Examine the role of family engagement in supporting student success, including effective communication strategies.
  5. Recognize the benefits of creating an inclusive learning environment for all students, including increased academic engagement, improved social-emotional well-being, and enhanced cultural competency.

Course Instructors

  • "I learned a lot about the differences and similarities between 504 and IEPs. I did not know many of these things before this course."

  • "I love how helpful this was- the infographics, articles, and videos. I like how clear everything is including assignment details, expectations, and rubrics. Thank you!"

  • "I learned so much from this course! It should be required for all teachers!"

  • "All of the resources were in one place for easy access. This was extremely helpful!"

  • "I learned a lot from the resources provided! I enjoyed the chance to reflect on best practices for IEPs and 504s"

  • "As an ELD teacher I have kids with both IEP’s and 504’s in every one of my classes. I enjoyed getting to know more about the differences between the two, and how to best support my students when their needs aren’t being met in other classrooms."

  • "I liked the different video resources and articles that were assigned to each section. These resources allowed me to dig deeper into the content."

  • "This might have been my favorite PD I have ever taken- I got a lot out of it and am currently a special ed teacher- I have been confused on MTSS and parent engagement for a long time so this was super helpful!"

  • "I loved the legal review and reading about the differences between IEPs and 504s. I don’t deal much with 504s and it is always a nice reminder of the differences."

  • "The class was self-paced and not overwhelming to complete, especially with our busy schedules."

  • "I enjoyed the articles that went with the lessons. They were an easy read, straight to the point and interesting!"

  • "It was relevant to our state, districts, and particular needs. The course allowed us to personalize the material and explore as needed. It touched on the main ideas but did not overwhelm us with material."

  • "I loved the videos and the intentional planning of lessons to incorporate in our practice. I feel like I am walking away not only with new information, but tools to implement immediately."

  • "All of the videos and articles were excellent. I knew about IEPs and 504s from a teacher perspective but this course had a different perspective and I learned some new information which helps when sitting in these types of meetings.
    It was very interesting to learn the vast difference between the legal rights of students with each of these plans."

  • "The content, especially learning more about 504s and IEPs, was incredibly useful as were other resources about MTSS, Whole Child Education, and more."

  • "It was very applicable to our jobs and the work we do on a daily basis. There was a lot of information and strategies that I can take away from this course and immediately start utilizing with my students when I get back to school.
    These really applicable courses are the best, most helpful, and the most beneficial type of courses!!"

  • "The content was extremely relevant and I learned important info about 504s and IEP that I hadn’t gotten in 18 years teaching."

  • "I loved the articles and the specific strategies that were shared throughout this course that I can take back and use in my classroom."

  • "I loved the thorough and thoughtful content. I was always engaged and I learned so much!"

  • "I learned a lot! I feel more empowered advocating for my students now that I know more about the resources offered within my district."

  • "It helped me to further understand the MTSS/RTI and PBIS process. I will be able to help to create and implement a quality MTSS intervention due to the content in this course."