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Establishing a Healthy Classroom Strategies for Student Success and Teacher Well-being

Establishing a Healthy Classroom: Strategies for Student Success and Teacher Well-being

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Course Description

Establishing a Healthy Classroom: Strategies for Student Success and Teacher Well-being” is a focused course aimed at embedding health and wellness within educational settings. Central to this course is the Whole Child approach, emphasizing health, emotional well-being, student engagement, and creativity. Educators will explore practical strategies for integrating healthy lifestyles and active learning into their classrooms. Emphasis is placed on creating a learning environment that nurtures physical health, stimulates intellectual curiosity, and fosters emotional well-being. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to transform their classrooms into spaces where every student is healthy, engaged, supported, and thrives, ensuring a balanced and inclusive educational experience.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the 8 Dimensions of Wellness and the ASCD Whole Child, Whole Educator Framework.  Discuss the significant role schools can have in nurturing the “whole child” as well as the “whole educator”.
  • Explain Dr. Dan Siegel’s Window of Tolerance and integrate techniques for fostering self-regulation among students in the classroom.
  • Explain the barriers to implementing health in the classroom and integrate resources to assist with school wellness.
  • Explore the effects of screen time, sleep deficits, nutrition and physical activity on academic performance and develop strategies to help students optimize their health and learning
  • Devise educational approaches that recognize the importance of creativity and diverse intelligence by creating an inclusive and stimulating learning environment for all students.

*Credit can not be awarded for both “Happy Teacher, Healthy Classroom” and “Establishing a Healthy Classroom: Strategies For Student Success And Teacher Wellness” due to overlap in content and objectives.

Course Instructors

  • “I like the options for each unit. We had the option of different activities, and that made it easier for me to manage my time and resources.”

  • “Very well organized, plenty of resources, and the reflections really made me think about certain parts of my daily life.”

  • “I enjoyed how the instructor lectured, provided her own experiences, then allowed the opportunity for us to implement.”

  • “It really made me think about the way I live my life around health and wellness and gave me tangible ideas that I can incorporate immediately.”

  • “This course is about real life teaching. In a time where 2 of 5 teachers are looking for a new profession, self care is gigantic.”

  • “I always gain such amazing ideas about incorporating health, nutrition and movement in these classes. These are real things I can get going in my classroom without a ton of prep.”

  • “I feel grateful for a chance to reflect on promoting my own health and that of my students. I got a lot of great resources to help prioritize health in the classroom.”

  • “I loved all of the activities. I talked with my kids the whole month about everything I was learning. The things I learned were easy to apply and I appreciate being able to use what I learn on a daily basis.”

  • “I was able to begin applying my learning from this course immediately with my students! I also love this course because it is helping me not only in the classroom, but in my own life as well. I am eating healthier and taking care of myself more because of this class.”

  • “The video lectures and assignment expectations were always clear and concise. I love taking Juliette’s classes!”

  • “I liked how it was organized and that the topics were extremely relevant for teachers.”

  • “The Window of Tolerance information was particularly helpful for my student population.”

  • “The instructor was very clear with assignment expectations and when explaining concepts during the lectures. The lectures were all concise and every piece of info was useful.”

  • “I loved the options that the instructor provided for each assignment. She continued to emphasize that students should complete an assignment that was “”meaningful for you,”” and it was nice to be provided with such a variety of assignments.
    I also liked all of the resources that were provided with each topic/unit.”

  • “The way the course was organized into chunks on Schoology. It made it feel manageable and fun! I also liked the make it meaningful assignments.”

  • “It was so fun, everything was applicable, healthy, and got me prepped for next school year!”

  • “I like how it focuses on a variety of ways to be healthy and have a healthy classroom, especially the beginning of What Makes a Good Teacher Great. This was very inspiring and helped to reset my mindset for how I can be empowered by the information
    in this class and take it to my classroom in the fall.”

  • “Juliette is a fabulous and incredibly knowledgeable educator. Happy Teacher/Adams State — very lucky to have her. I finish her classes highly motivated to continue learning more and start implementing all of her skills!!”

  • “I liked how usable or actionable all of the learning was for me as a teacher and clearly designed by someone who understands the teaching role and demands.”

  • “I loved the final project. I now have a plan to implement my learning into my classroom.”

  • “I liked the easy lessons to follow and the advice that was given to personalize a happy teacher AND a healthy classroom. I am looking forward to implementing some of the lessons I have lined up!”

  • “I liked the easy lessons to follow and the advice that was given to personalize a happy teacher AND a healthy classroom. I am looking forward to implementing some of the lessons I have lined up!”

  • “I liked how this course talked about being healthier both internally by making self-goals and changes, as well as being healthy externally in how we act towards others and impact our surroundings.”