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Professional Development Leader

Professional Development Leader

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Semester-long courses have rolling open enrollment. You may enroll at any time, but you must finish the course by the specified dates.

Semester Schedule:

  • Summer: May - August (course must be completed by August 31st)
  • Fall: September - December (course must be completed by December 31st)
  • Spring: January - April (course must be completed by April 30th)
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Course Description

This graduate-level course is tailored for educators seeking to extend their influence beyond the traditional classroom, aiming to inspire and nurture their colleagues’ professional growth. With a focus on cultivating skills in designing and facilitating professional development sessions, participants will immerse themselves in adult learning principles, effective presentation techniques, and curate content for a diverse teaching audience. Participants will promote collaborative learning and foster continual educational advancement.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand core principles and theories underscoring adult learning, optimizing the effectiveness of the PD sessions they lead.
  • Master the art of curating, structuring, and delivering content that caters to diverse learning styles and preferences, aligning these sessions with overarching institutional objectives.
  • Enhance presentation skills to captivate audiences, foster rich dialogues, and facilitate memorable hands-on activities.
  • Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the PD sessions conducted, ensuring continual refinement and growth.

Course Instructors

  • “Thank you for all the great tips to calm my nerves. They helped a ton!”

  • “Thanks for giving me the confidence to share my knowledge with my colleagues.”

  • “I provide a workshop at every teacher in-service. I was so excited to get credit for it.”

  • “I enjoyed the tips around successful PDs from other teachers.”

  • “I loved the mix of videos, articles and tech integration. I loved the choice at the end to do PD on anything. The hardest part was deciding on a PD topic!”

  • “I loved that I created a presentation for a PD that I plan on presenting at the start of the new year!”

  • “I liked how easy this course was to navigate and how clear the assignments.”

  • “The best part about the course was getting to work on a project that related to the course and my position simultaneously.”

  • “I couldn’t have taken this course at a more perfect time, as I recently took on a new role, in a new district and needed to get teachers on board with an intervention process that the district is really wanting to develop this year. So this was my first PD that I have ever facilitated.”

  • “I liked the Jamboard with all the useful tips/strategies!”

  • “I enjoyed the video and reading and the time to work on a presentation.”

  • “I liked the great videos and articles. They got me to think about the assignment that was tailored to my learning.”

  • “This course helped me grow my confidence and learn helpful skills towards creating and giving professional development. Thank you!”