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The 5 Components of Reading Strategies in Phonology, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary & Comprehension

The 5 Components of Reading: Strategies in Phonology, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary & Comprehension

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Course Description

Ready to unlock the secrets of proficient reading? This engaging course, based on Dr. Hollis Scarborough’s Reading Rope Model, will guide you through the complex tapestry of reading and language processes. Designed for immediate classroom impact, this course highlights the need for explicit, direct instruction and provides practical examples and methods, inclusive of learners with Developmental Language Disorder, Dyslexia, and English Language Learners. The course examines the essential role of regular assessments in ensuring reading proficiency. Rooted in proven research and expert insights, you will walk away with a comprehensive toolkit to elevate your students’ reading skills.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify the typical developmental stages of oral language, phonological skills, word recognition, spelling, fluency, comprehension, and written expression, linking child development to literacy development.
  • Apply the science of reading to classroom practices and develop strategies to support students with reading difficulties and diverse language learners.
  • Critique the foundations of reading, analyzing phonological awareness development and understanding the structure of language.
  • Apply knowledge from assessment administration and interpretation to plan effective instruction, enhancing phonics and word recognition related to reading.
  • Describe the significance of fluency and the sequential skills needed for becoming a fluent reader, including the causal relationship between phonological skill, phonic decoding, verbal reasoning skill, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.
  • Evaluate factors contributing to deep comprehension, such as background knowledge, vocabulary, verbal reasoning ability, knowledge of literary structures and conventions, and skills and strategies for close reading of the text.

Course Instructors

  • "Great information and resources. I enjoyed creating lesson plans to support what we learned in the class."

  • "As a high school teacher, it helped me to better understand the foundations of reading instructions."

  • "I appreciate the structure of the course. Easy to follow assignments and lots of information in each category."

  • "As a math teacher, I liked that I learned more about teaching reading. I feel more confident now when working with my students."

  • "I absolutely loved the videos and resources."

  • "I am very appreciative of the strategies suggested that can be directly implemented in the classroom."

  • "I appreciated learning the mechanics of reading from phonemes to comprehension, because it is not something I ever learned when preparing to be a world language instructor (all new information to me!).
    Having this knowledge will now inform how I teach phonemic awareness and phonics to my students in German and Japanese, and especially will help me with students who are struggling to read. Now I know about screener and diagnostic tests,
    and though I don’t have ready-made ones for German or Japanese, I can devise one to see where my students are struggling and help them better. Thank you!"

  • "I am walking away from this course with an abundance of resources and knowledge."

  • "I appreciated the ELL considerations for all 5 components and the resources provided."

  • "I got a lot out of this course! I created new lessons and am excited to implement a lot of the things I learned!"

  • "I just really enjoyed everything about this course. The material was very informative and useful. I printed off a lot of stuff to save. The instructor was great!"

  • "I liked all the resources and handouts that were given so that I can refer to them again. I also liked the videos of actual lessons taught."

  • "I love how it gave me an understanding of the 5 components of reading. I will be able to help tie what I teach my students as a SLP and also support their reading which is so rewarding!"

  • "I liked watching videos that showed teachers using the strategies in their classroom with their students. I also liked that we were using the information learned to create our own lessons with our own students. That made the information so much more applicable!"

  • "I love the balance of theory to application and video to reading materials. There are so many resources and ideas I got from this class! I can’t wait to implement it all."

  • "I loved learning about the progression of reading development. I wish I took this course before I taught 1st grade!"

  • "I really liked how organized and easy it was to follow. The information provided was great. I have a lot of new ideas to add to my reading instruction for the coming school year."

  • "This course was amazing! I learned so much and I appreciate how may resources, videos, and articles were linked in every section of the course! It was so comprehensive!"