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Stress Management

Stress Management

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Course Description

Stress is a part of many of our lives, but too much stress can make us unproductive, frustrated, and can even have an impact on our physical and emotional lives. This comprehensive course provides an in-depth understanding of stress, and differentiating between ‘positive stress’ and ‘negative stress’. It equips you with the ability to recognize your stress triggers, analyze your stress-handling methods, and introduce practical relaxation and stress management techniques.

The course is particularly beneficial for educators, given the fundamental role they play in guiding students towards managing stress. According to the NIH and CDC, stress can detrimentally affect the physical health and academic performance of students, thereby emphasizing the importance of the educator’s role in fostering resilience and stress management skills in the classroom. 

During this course, you’ll explore the scientific impact of stress on the body and learning and delve into applicable techniques to reduce your stress levels. Educators will research, analyze, practice, and evaluate a “Tool Box” rich with a diverse range of stress reduction tactics such as meditation and breathing, aromatherapy, exercise, sleep, hygge, music, art, dance, humor, gratitude, and random acts of kindness. By applying these tools and techniques, you will enhance your capability to manage stress for yourself and your students. The final project will involve self-reflection on the gained insights, showcase evidence of applied concepts, and develop a lesson plan incorporating the newly acquired knowledge for classroom or educational application.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Define and understand the concept of stress, its types and its physiological, cognitive, and emotional impact on individuals.
  • Analyze the specific stressors in the educational environment, with a focus on those that directly affect educators and students.
  • Evaluate the impact of chronic stress on educators’ professional performance, personal life, and overall well-being.
  • Identify personal stress triggers and coping mechanisms currently in place, evaluating their effectiveness.
  • Develop a personalized stress management “Tool Box” utilizing evidence-based strategies like mindfulness, meditation, exercise, gratitude, diet, exercise, breathing, and other healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Design lesson plans or strategies to help students manage stress, foster a more conducive learning environment, and enhance academic performance.
  • “This was one of my favorite classes! I didn’t realize how badly I needed it. Thank you, Kathy!”

  • “This class was so much fun! I loved being able to practice all the different techniques. I am also using all of these techniques with my students.”

  • “This year has been a really difficult one for me. I’m so happy I took this class. It has helped both me and my children.”

  • “The action-oriented nature of the course kept me engaged and allowed me to apply what I learned in real-time.”

  • “I liked that I got a lot of information and materials that I can apply not only to my individual life, but to my students life’s as well through adding things into my own lessons.”

  • “I liked that the resources shared were accessible and useful. I learned a lot about stress and its effects, and I found ways to help alleviate some of the stress in my life. I thought there was a good mix of articles and resources.”

  • “The suggestions were helpful and not over complicated- meaning they did not add MORE stress- they really did help. The reading was informative and relevant to each stress management strategy.”

  • “I liked that the course gave options for de-stressing methods for each category so you could choose strategies that fit your lifestyle. I also believe it increased my happiness and gave me strategies I can use in the future when I feel overwhelmed!”

  • “I loved the variety of different stress relief options! This course was really tailored for every kind of person and anyone who takes it could definitely find something to help alleviate their stress!”

  • “I LOVED this course! It is JUST what teachers need!”

  • “I appreciated the useful information that I am able to use immediately in my life and in my classroom.”

  • “This course taught me a number of new methods for stress management, such as gratitude journaling, that I was not previously aware of. It was nice to have an opportunity to work at my own pace so that I could actually practice the skills being taught. ”

  • “Everything! I loved all of the tools introduced in the toolboxes. I found the articles informational and interesting. I loved how this class encouraged me to try some things that I have never done before, and dig deeper into some things that I had tried on the surface level.
    I like how the practices were backed by science and research, and how I was encouraged to really reflect on how they made me feel. The organization of this course was perfect, because I could choose the toolbox that worked best in my schedule for that week or that day.
    I liked that there were so many options to choose from to meet the requirements of each toolbox, so that I could really explore the things that interested me.””

  • I am so excited after my introduction to Hygge, that I was inspired to continue to learn more about it! I have ordered two books on the topic.

  • This class has made a huge difference for me, and I am going to strive to continue some of the healthy habits that I have acquired through this course.”

  • “This course was a great reminder that we need to slow down and take care of ourselves to be the best in the classroom.”

  • “My most favorite thing about this course was that it was the very first time in 32 years that I was able to take a course that was about self care!!! Which teachers need so very much, but no one really seems to care about that.
    The second best thing was that everything in the course was so well laid out and everything was relevant to self care, and most importantly so EASY to follow and actually do!”

  • “I loved all of the articles and reflection activities that were part of this class. I learned some new strategies and am excited to continue using them in the future.”

  • “I just loved the overall objective of this class! I’m walking away happier and more grateful”

  • “I loved the flexibility of the course to select and try the tools for stress management that best worked for me.”

  • “The class was packed with such useful and practice resources and suggestions for helping and controlling stress. So many of the practices I could immediately implement with myself and my students. It was an excellent course for both the classroom and yourself!”

  • “I loved all the different toolbox topics, they were practical and relevant. This was such a helpful course for the end of the school year, I feel much more positive and in control of the end of year wildness – thank you for such an amazing course!”

  • “All the tools I can put in my tool box for when I am feeling stressed. I love the new ones I had never tried and look forward to using more of them in my classroom with students and co-workers.”

  • “I loved that many of the strategies and tools we learned about were doable and easy. As a teacher, life is busy. Small quick things are the most helpful when learning how to de-stress.”

  • “This was the best class by far! I took away amazing and useful tools and resources for stress management. I am happy to have taken this class and look forward to taking more in the future.”