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AI Bootcamp

AI Bootcamp

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Course Description

Unlock the power of ChatGPT in education!

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in the field of education, enabling the creation of intelligent tutoring systems, personalized learning environments, and content generation. This graduate-level course provides an in-depth exploration of generative AI technologies in the context of education. Students will delve into the history of AI and ChatGPT, examine ethical considerations, biases, and challenges associated with AI adoption in educational settings, learn how to effectively utilize generative AI as a teaching tool, and discover ways to leverage AI for lesson planning and resource creation. Teachers will bring their knowledge of generative AI in education into the classroom, to foster a deeper understanding of AI technology, ethical considerations, and its potential impact on society. This empowers students to become responsible digital citizens who can harness AI’s potential while being mindful of its ethical implications.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the historical development and key concepts of AI, particularly in the context of generative AI in education.
  • Analyze ethical implications and challenges related to AI adoption in educational settings. Critically assess the strengths, limitations, and potential applications of generative AI in education.
  • Evaluate biases and potential issues related to the use of AI in education.
  • Utilize generative AI effectively as a teaching tool to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes by designing lesson plans and creating educational resources leveraging the capabilities of generative AI.

Enroll now and be at the forefront of AI integration in education!

This bootcamp is perfect for teachers, counselors, social workers, instructional coaches, and principals.

* Teachers will receive a certificate for 15 hours towards license renewal upon completion.

* Happy Teacher classes are approved for license renewal in the states of California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Montana, and Texas.

Course Instructors

  • “Excellent course with fabulous resources and peer discussions! Thank you!”

  • “My fear of these tools has gone away and I am able to be in discussions with some knowledge of each tool. I think it was very easy to navigate!”

  • “New tools to save me time and create quality content for my students”

  • “For something that seems so complex and new, thank you for keeping it simple and meaningful!”

  • “All of the amazing resources that I can use in my classroom tomorrow! Professional development that you can use the next day is the best kind to me!”

  • “Great practical tools I can implement tomorrow.”

  • “Lots of great exploration of AI tools, as well as many more AI platforms to explore. I’m eager to use these to support my workload and overall job satisfaction. I’m blown away by the support they can provide!”

  • “The use of AI in my lessons and teaching! WOW! I had no idea all of this was available to me!”

  • “I will most definitely be using what I have learned about AI in my practice to enhance what I already do.”

  • “I am taking away 3 GREAT resources that can be easily utilized in my building.”

  • “This was a perfect “Bootcamp” for AI. I had no idea of how useful this is for educational purposes and even other things.”

  • “This course was a wonderful jumping off point to get started into the world of AI. I am excited to share my new knowledge with my co-workers at school. There is so much more to AI than I first thought. I learned so much even though this was only a 1 credit class.
    It was an amazing introduction to the topic!”

  • “Lots of cool tools to make paperwork more efficient. I also have new ideas for speech therapy!”

  • “The various tools for AI are amazing! I had always thought AI was just ChatGPT-like forums, but I was delighted to learn about others”