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Chrome Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons

Chrome Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons

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Course Description

This graduate-level course is designed to introduce teachers to educational apps, extensions, and add-ons and how they can be used in a classroom environment to enhance teaching and learning experiences.  Educational apps and tools strengthen instruction and increase student achievement.  Teachers explore apps for content creation, STEAM, literacy and numeracy, and communication or understanding.  Apps offer differentiation options to meet student needs.  They also provide data to monitor student progress and inform instruction. The course combines theory and hands-on application while the teacher puts four educational apps into practice. Finally, the teacher creates an implementation plan to share their knowledge to students in the classroom.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Analyze the benefits of educational app, extensions, and add-ons for teachers and students
  • Implement content apps and extensions in the classroom to enhance student choice, increase creativity, and individualize learning
  • Design and deliver lessons using STEAM apps and extensions to increase critical thinking and encourage problem-solving
  • Design and deliver lessons using literacy and numeracy apps and extensions to increase reading comprehension, writing, and understanding information
  • Implement apps and extensions that increase communication and develop a community with your students and their families
  • Collaborate within a professional learning community to evaluate apps, extensions, and add-ons to improve academic achievement, increase creativity, and promote beneficial technology tools
  • Share knowledge and skills gained with students to promote the use of educational apps and extensions

Course Instructors

  • “I finally know the difference between apps, extensions, and add-ons. Haha! Thank you for always making technology simple for us non-techies.”

  • “I loved being able to choose 4 apps specific for our own classroom and students.”

  • “Read and Write is my favorite. No, Brainpop. Actually, Epic! Wait, PearDeck. Okay, I loved them all! Thank you for a great class.”

  • “This was my first full course with Happy Teacher. I loved that I could access this course immediately and get started. I felt the expectations were fair and doable in a reasonable amount of time which was greatly appreciated for this teacher and mom.
    I also appreciate all the resources and tools that were provided. Technology is not my strength area, but I found this course to be very engaging and helpful. I will definitely use the information from this course moving forward.”

  • “I enjoyed learning the jargon and all of the ideas of so many various tools. I loved the discussion board format of assignment submissions as that gave me so many good ideas too!!”

  • “The directions were clear, the support was timely and specific, and the new resources I learned about will be directly applicable to my daily instructional practice.”

  • “I loved that this course was so applicable. It gave me actual apps and extensions that I can start using in my classroom, today! It definitely made me feel like my time was valued by something that I can utilize.”

  • “I greatly appreciate all the options to select useful apps and extensions to meet our individual content needs.”

  • “I learned a TON of great new tech tools I can use in my classroom! I really liked the variety of apps, extensions, and add-ons I learned about.”

  • “I loved the resource with all of Google’s apps and extensions. Thank you!”

  • “I enjoyed learning about and implementing new apps/extensions that can be used in the math classroom. This course also helped me to reflect on my current practices, which is always beneficial!”

  • “I loved the way the course was broken down by different tools. We also had so many tools to choose from that it made the class engaging and applicable to all.”

  • “The course curated and allowed me to explore a variety of technology that can be used to make a more vibrant classroom. There was a lot of student voice and choice in the structure of the course.”

  • “I have been wanting to investigate many of these apps and extensions and this class provided me the opportunity to learn a lot about many of the options out there.”

  • “As a kindergarten teacher, I was skeptical of this class. I am SO happy I took it! I started with zero knowledge of what an app or add-on was and now I am using them every day!”

  • “There were a lot of practical tools provided! I am excited to add some new spice to my lessons! I will definitely be referring back to the App Tools handout!”

  • “Technology is not my strong suite – I had no idea all these extensions, apps and add-ons existed! I loved getting to explore so many that are useful for my class.”

  • “I loved the ability to try out tools that are applicable to our own classrooms. As a teacher of students with special needs, I feel it can be challenging sometimes to find courses that apply to my students and my classroom but this course was able to meet my students’ and my own unique needs.”

  • “This is the most applicable Happy Teacher PD course I have taken. Thanks for the exposure to different apps, the element of choice on which extensions/apps we explored, and giving us the freedom to explore them and think about how we can apply them to our classroom.
    A great overview of a variety of tools that exist that I was not even aware of!”

  • “I loved all the resources we got from this course! The list of the top 60 apps and extensions was amazing! I will certainly be using this in the future! I also loved how you showed us the extensions you use the most. That was very useful! I added most of them to my computer!”