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Technology Tools for English Language Learners

Technology Tools for English Language Learners

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Course Description

This class is approved by the Colorado Department of Education to satisfy the 45 hours of ELL professional development required for license renewal.

Educational technology tools complement and enhance effective instructional models for diverse populations of English language learners through increased communication, improved access to content, interactive student-centered lessons and rich language development opportunities.  Technology tools also offer differentiation options, generate data to inform instruction, include systems for progress monitoring and provide multiple formats for students to demonstrate their understanding.  This course focuses on increasing engagement and achievement of ELL students through the exploration and application of educational technology tools for communication, content delivery, literacy development, academic language growth and assessments.  The course content is relevant and applicable to in person instruction, remote/online learning, and hybrid models.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Analyze the varied learning profiles of English Language Learner (ELL) students and the fundamental concepts of language acquisition, along with related theories, policies, and legal decisions.
  • Implement communication and instructional technology tools to enhance two-way communication with families, foster home-school partnerships, and facilitate English language acquisition while increasing engagement and achievement for ELLs.
  • Design and deliver lessons using technology tools targeted at literacy development, content delivery, and academic vocabulary enhancement, each with detailed planning inclusive of student profiles, lesson objectives, and intended outcomes relevant for ELLs.
  • Employ technology tools to monitor student progress, collect formative and summative data, and analyze outcomes to inform instructional decisions, including differentiation for diverse student populations.
  • Collaborate within a professional learning community to evaluate technology tools for facilitating English language acquisition, engaging students, improving academic achievement, and creating multiple formats for demonstrating learning, supported by comprehensive tool comparisons and evaluations.

Course Instructors

  • “I will be able to use and implement all I Iearned directly into the classes I teach. Very relevant as well. Great choices of Tech Tools that are free.”

  • “The content was immediately applicable to my instruction and ALL students.”

  • “The emphasis is on the practical–I learned information and practiced with tools that I can actually use in the classroom.”

  • “Great class and incredible resources to use immediately in the classroom!”

  • “I liked how the course was organized. First, there was a discussion on the needs of ELLs and how to support them. Next, tech tools were grouped by purpose, with emphasis on how they supported ELLs.
    After each unit, students had the opportunity to play in depth with one tool (many options were given) and evaluate it.”

  • “This course was amazing! It far exceeded my expectations. Not only were there many different tech tools introduced and time to play with them, but the focus was on how to use them with ELL and language acquisition students (as well as all students).
    The information on English Language Learners was so helpful and informative. I loved everything about how the content was presented–the slides, the details, the organization. I loved the choices we had for each assignment too. I would highly recommend this course to all teachers!”

  • “What I learned – good gravy – what I learned! There are so many programs out there that I had no idea existed! This was eye-opening and terrific!”

  • “This is the most useful course that I’ve taken from Happy Teacher!”

  • “I liked all the tools that I was exposed to and taught how to use effectively in my classes. Every learning module had something interesting for me to learn about, so it was a great use of my time!”

  • “I loved being introduced to so many different tools to help with instruction for ALL students, but particularly my ELL students!”

  • “I liked how knowledgeable the instructor was and I liked learning about ELL classification and scaffolding.”

  • “I loved how the content was directly applicable to my classroom and I could try these ideas ASAP.”

  • “This course opened my eyes to so many possibilities. Each unit was a wealth of information! The course was easy to follow and applicable to my classroom.”

  • “The tech tools were thoughtfully chosen and I absolutely intend to use them to support ELL students. Great course content–thank you!”

  • “The course was very well organized and the assignments challenged me to explore the content in meaningful ways that align with authentic avenues for implementation.”

  • “The information was useful and the course was organized in a logical, sequential manner. Assignments were very relevant to my current instructional practice.”

  • “It was useful and relevant; the content was easy to implement in my own planning and I appreciate a course in which teachers use their time to make and do work that matters and is useful.”

  • “It provided access to a host of awesome technology that can foster learning not only of ELL students but of every student in my classroom.”

  • “I loved the variety of tools that were presented and the ability to go and check them out right away. I feel like I have a significantly larger toolbox to reach into for my ELL students than I had before!”

  • “I learned so many great new tools to help my EL students!”

  • “The tools I learned about were so helpful! This truly is a practical class!”

  • “I liked that the instruction introduced tools and then had us create real assignments to use in my real classroom with the tools that were introduced. I loved that some tools were familiar but I still learned new ways to use them.”

  • “I liked that we were able to learn about these technology tools by exploring them ourselves and using them hands on to actually create some new activities for our own students that we can immediately use with them in class.”

  • “I liked the different tools that are easy to use right away!”

  • “The assignments made for an excellent and practical application of the tools we learned about.”