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Google Certification Level 1 Fundamentals Training

Google Certification Level 1 Fundamentals Training

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Course Description

This course is specifically designed to guide educators on their journey to becoming Google Certified Level 1 Educators. Participants will gain familiarity with Google for Education products, alongside adopting best practices for their application within the classroom environment. The course targets educators interested in deepening their grasp of the Google Workspace for Education suite, encompassing Google Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Classroom.

Studies indicate that Google Certified teachers are more proficient at crafting interactive, captivating lessons, fostering collaboration, and creating an inclusive learning environment. They can adeptly tailor lessons to accommodate diverse learning styles and needs, stimulate creativity, manage the classroom more effectively, and provide timely and efficient feedback. A key skill imparted through this certification is teaching students to become adept at using technology themselves.

When students are instructed using Google tools, their learning experience is significantly enriched. They become advocates for their own learning journey, their digital literacy skills are bolstered, preparing them for future challenges, and they gain a sense of independence by taking charge of their own learning.

This course equips educators with an abundant array of resources, including lesson plans, tutorials, and practical tips, all aimed at facilitating the implementation of Google for Education tools in a dynamic and effective manner.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify evidence-based practices for improved technological proficiency.
  • Foster an environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration.
  • Explain the different free Google tools available to increase accessibility for different learning styles and student needs.
  • Understand how to use Google tools to create a more inclusive learning environment.
  • Analyze a wealth of resources that educators can use including lesson plans, tutorials, and tips.
  • Design lessons to teach students how to use Google tools.
  • Develop mastery of Google for Education tools that improve transparency, more efficient feedback, and better parent-teacher-student relationships.

Course Instructors

  • "I wish my school district told us about this training. I learned about so many wonderful tools!"

  • "I loved that this class was self-paced so I could spend more time on things I didn’t know and less time on things I was familiar with."

  • "I had no idea how many great tools my Google account had!"

  • "I thought the course was well designed and interactive. It encouraged me to hone in on skills that I already have, while increasing the skills that I am not as strong in. With every session I learned something new."

  • "The intro videos were very helpful. I liked how simple it was to follow and that it aligned perfectly with the Google training."

  • "I enjoyed learning more about the interactive tools that Google offers, particularly Google Earth and features in Google Slides to make Slideshows more interactive and engaging."

  • "This course helped me to become a much more efficient teacher!" -Blake M.

  • "I like the self pacing. I was already familiar with many of the Google tools but some were totally new, so I could focus more on the ones I was unfamiliar with and move faster through the ones I already knew."

  • "The format was consistent making it really easy to manage and navigate. It had very useful information since I use Google Suite Tools every day in teaching."

  • "I learned so many new things about programs I thought I was very familiar with. I will use most of the new things I learned in classes this year."

  • "The tools were very relevant and I will be able to apply what I learned to my classes (and personal life) immediately!"

  • "There are SO MANY THINGS I learned – omg – I never knew there were all these options with Google! Loved this class!"

  • "The wealth of information and the format in which the content was presented made it accessible. The comments from the instructor were very helpful and gave me more ideas!"

  • "I loved the content! Even though I use many of these features, I learned numerous new things in each section. I really also appreciate being self paced so I could focus on areas new to me."

  • "It was great to learn new tools within Google that I can use to enhance my instruction."

  • "This class is straightforward, clear, and the instructor was helpful. I am able to apply it in my classroom tomorrow."

  • "This class is important for every teacher to take! It was pertinent to teaching and provided current examples of how to use Google to engage students in my classroom."

  • "I learned a lot of things I didn’t know about Google such as the Chrome apps and extensions, Google chat for students and teachers, and Google Earth. I plan to use these tools as much as I can with my students. I’m really excited to get started!"

  • "I learned information, tools, and tricks in Google that I did not know before and how to properly use them in my classroom. Thanks for a great class!"

  • "The content is directly applicable to what I do in the classroom, and provides a lot of tools and strategies that I can use to be more organized and efficient. The interconnectedness of the various tools makes this easy. Sparked many ideas for how I will use this info in the future."