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Happy Teacher Online Workshop

Happy Teacher Online Workshop

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Course Description

It’s time to become a Happy Teacher!

The Happy Teacher Workshop is a graduate-level course aimed to provide educators with tools and strategies to enhance their professional experience, productivity, and overall well-being.  This course is designed to develop a positive school environment with the use of gratitude, provide a deep understanding of key aspects of financial planning, develop efficient time management skills, and integrate stress management techniques.

By the end of this course, educators will design a concrete plan to infuse more gratitude and kindness into their school setting, create a financial plan tailored to their personal needs, design daily structures that maximize efficiency, and promote healthy stress management for themselves and their students.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe the role of gratitude in activating the learning areas of the brain
  • Identify key factors for establishing gratitude into daily practice and design an implementation plan
  • Describe the connection between teaching salaries and the teacher shortage.
  • Evaluate the district advancement scale and develop effective budgeting strategies 
  • Explore and analyze effective time management techniques and develop personalized daily structures for the classroom
  • Experiment with different stress management strategies and integrate them into the classroom

* Teachers will receive a certificate for 15 hours towards license renewal upon completion.

* Happy Teacher classes are approved for license renewal in the states of California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, Montana, and Texas.

Optional: Adams State University Graduate-level Credit
*The Adams State University transcript link will be given when you complete the workshop (additional $55).

Course Instructors

  • “I am so excited to reinvigorate my joy around teaching as well as to move myself on the salary schedule!”

  • “I loved the stress management section and the GSD sections!”

  • “I loved the money saving discussion as the participants had good things to share.”

  • “The class was realistic and helpful – small things that teachers can do to help their overall success, affect and stress management.”

  • “I took many things away from the workshop. One being just shifting the lens to a more positive one after viewing the informative and hilarious TED Talk. I appreciated the emphasis on gratitude which I will continue to work on.”

  • “I really enjoyed the GSD module and the practices for aiding productivity.”

  • “I appreciated the gratitude lesson. It gave me things to think about for my personal and work life.”

  • “The workshop was a great way to address ways to feel successful in education. It addresses important topics like stress, gratitude and money!”

  • “I appreciated the interaction with the other classmates. It was helpful to hear about the stress management, GSD, and list making strategies that I can take back to my classroom.”

  • “Great introductory course! I like the comments that are exchanged – great ideas on each topic.”

  • “I love how the focus is on teachers and the connection to Happy Teachers = Happy Students!”

  • “I really enjoyed this class and am SO glad I decided to sign up for it.”

  • “I absolutely loved everything about this workshop! Everything was relevant and I felt like it was something I could easily apply. It got me excited about getting more credits and advancing myself as a learner!”

  • “This course is refreshing, informative, joy-filled, and surprising in the best ways! Thank you!”

  • “This workshop was a great introduction to the Happy Teacher classes. It also provided great tips on things such as managing your finances and limiting stress.”

  • “My favorite lesson was the GSD lesson. I took away a few helpful tips, like the idea of getting up early to spend some time listening to a podcast to start my day.”

  • “I really loved the ideas around positive perspective. My job is truly what I make it. I have been in a slump and I am walking away with some great resources to inspire my work!”