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Happy Teachers Cook Fostering Diversity, STEM Activities, and Wellness through Food

Happy Teachers Cook: Fostering Diversity, STEM Activities, and Wellness through Food

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Course Description

Happy Teachers Cook offers educators hands-on approaches to integrating food into their existing curriculum, with an emphasis on STEM integration. Participants will explore the myriad of ways in which food can be employed to enhance student engagement and learning while addressing important educational benchmarks.

Food serves as a powerful tool for celebrating diversity, improving health, and imparting life-long skills. Happy Teachers Cook emphasizes the importance of cultural appreciation and inclusivity, as students delve into various cuisines and explore the traditions behind them. 

Health is another crucial aspect of this course, as participants learn how to incorporate nutritious foods into their daily routines and classroom activities in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Educators will also develop the skills necessary to guide their students in creating wholesome, delicious meals, empowering them with valuable life-long skills.  Happy Teachers Cook is a comprehensive course designed to inspire educators to use food as a medium for meaningful learning and connection.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe how knowledge about food can aid in disease prevention and management, empowering students and teachers to make informed decisions about their health.
  • Identify and celebrate cultures through cuisine, promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion.
  • Explain Charles Duhigg’s”The Power of Habit” framework and describe how modifying the environment can help establish healthier routines through increased self-awareness and targeted behavior modification.
  • Investigate flavor profile and genetics to explore how genetics may influence food preferences and appraise a variety of spices, textures and flavors to increase palatability, giving students and teachers the skills they need to create more delicious and nutritious meals.
  • Critically examine recipes, experiment with food preparation, and collaborate with peers to create nutritious meals, providing students and teachers with the skills they need to create and share healthy meals with their communities.

*Credit can not be awarded for both “Happy Teachers Cook” and “Happy Teachers Cook: Fostering Diversity, STEM Activities, and Wellness Through Food” due to overlap in content and objectives.

Course Instructors

  • “All the great recipes that were provided as well as the ones the other students shared in the discussions. I also loved seeing the instructor in her kitchen as she was showing us exactly what to do and what to buy! It was so helpful”

  • “Juliette’s enthusiasm for the topic made me excited to try new dishes. It was also a good reminder that healthy food doesn’t have to be flavorless or boring. I actually got excited about cooking and trying new recipes!”

  • “The expectations and content were clearly communicated, and assignments meaningful. I feel that my time was well spent!”

  • “Information was very well presented. I felt comfortable and not judged when it came to sharing healthful ideas. Juliette is a nutritionist, but she is also real about life.”

  • This is my favorite Happy Teacher course I have taken to date! I loved the video lectures that the instructor posted, demonstrating tips, tricks and recipes in her own kitchen. I found the course to be very thought-provoking and it has inspired me to make want healthier meals for my family!

  • “I loved the videos! The Ted Talk was so informative! Going to our instructor’s kitchen was wonderful-I felt more connected to the class.”

  • “The information was current and relevant to the ever changing nutritional curriculum. I teach high school nutrition classes and there were new things that I learned that I can implement into classes now.
    I have a lesson about culture that I was always wanting to create and now I can use it with my department to add to our classes. I liked that we actually had to cook and try new things. This would be a good class for a culinary high school teacher.”

  • “I really appreciated learning the science behind why eating healthy is so important. I also appreciated the lectures and that she showed us specific recipes, tips, and tricks to try in our own kitchens. I learn best when I can see something in action and really appreciate these videos!”

  • “I LOVED all the information I learned about the science behind food! Such a great course! Very informative.”

  • “I loved everything about this course. I wish there was a part 2 or some sort of continuation. I enjoy learning more about healthy choices/lifestyle changes. It is so important.”

  • “I love the way the lessons are broken down. It’s easy to follow and to learn something new each lesson without being overwhelmed. I also have material I used immediately.”

  • “I really enjoyed the videos of you in your kitchen. Talking about the tools you love, the dips you leave out for your kids, and how you roast veggies.”

  • “I enjoyed this class the most out of the three I’ve taken through Happy Teacher. The assignments were well aligned to the content and not repetitive. Thank you!”

  • “I loved this class! It has been my favorite so far! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to try new recipes, learn new ways to cook and prepare favorites in a new, healthier way, and explore new recipes.”

  • “So many great recipes and ideas! I appreciate all the cooking info, but I really love how much we learned about other healthy habits so we could really think about wellness as a whole. Really inspired me to think deeply and make some changes!”

  • “EVERYTHING!!! I love the science behind the foods and your body. I LOVED the practical ideas including the frozen, cut onions to the immersion blender. I enjoyed the nudge to experiment with veggies. By cooking the carrots, I now have an instant side to meals.
    Thank you so much for inspiring me to try new things!”

  • “I really like how this course was laid out. I like how there was a mix of assignments with discussions, quizzes, and hands on cooking. I liked how the instructor had a lecture to go with each topic and had videos giving examples of things she uses and makes in her own life.”

  • “I’ve always wanted to know what the nutritional benefits of different foods were. I always hear people talking about omega 3’s and probiotics and know I can actually contribute.”

  • “Useful and time efficient ideas. I liked the connections I could make with my class about cooking.” -Kathryn S.

  • “I liked the science behind nutrition. I also liked that the recipes were simple, yet delicious.”

  • “I loved all the information shared. The instructor explained things in a very simple and easy to understand way. The visuals the instructor used were very helpful. Her energy is very motivating! I also appreciate all the recipes and videos (I am very visual). The resources are great too!”

  • “I liked how the information provided will give me opportunities to better myself, which will make me a better teacher.”

  • “I loved learning about why certain foods are so important for you and trying out the yummy recipes that Juliette gave us. I also loved learning about longevity and how to create a healthier me and the environment around me.”

  • “I really liked being able to pick up new resources and recipes from this course. I also enjoyed all of the resources I can take with me for my students and some nutrition learning for them.”

  • “I loved how well the presentations were organized. The information was put together well. The assignments were purposeful and well explained. The instructor was very personable.”

  • “This course was amazing! I loved all the new recipes and tips for healthy cooking. Juliette did an incredible job of demonstrating techniques. She shared lots of great resources, too. I got so much out of this course that I can use at home and teaching Culinary Essentials. Thank you!”