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Happy Teachers Create Using Drawing Techniques To Promote Creativity, Inclusivity, and Engagement

Happy Teachers Create: Using Drawing Techniques To Promote Creativity, Inclusivity, and Engagement

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Course Description

In this innovative 3-credit graduate-level course, educators will uncover the powerful potential of drawing as a tool to facilitate inclusive learning environments, tailoring education to the unique needs of diverse learners, including our multilingual learners. By focusing on the practical application of art in teaching, such as sketching vocabulary definitions, drawing biological structures and processes, and integrating art into mathematical concepts, educators will learn to stimulate comprehension and engagement among their students. Course participants will gain hands-on experience with drawing ideas and concepts, and identifying simple methods to weave this practice into their classrooms, thereby fostering their own creativity and that of their students.   This course employs the transformative power of creative arts as a catalyst to enhance retention, improve focus, and ignite student engagement.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Recognize, comprehend, and appreciate the advantages of utilizing drawing as an educational tool
  2. Investigate and analyze the positive impacts of integrating drawing into the classroom curriculum to stimulate student creativity, memory, and engagement
  3. Formulate a comprehensive strategy for promoting a sense of community and collaboration within a classroom, school department, or the broader school community through the application of drawing techniques
  4. Apply drawing as a practice and observe its benefits through the utilization of a sketchbook, with an emphasis on integrating drawing into daily routines

*Credit can not be awarded for both “Happy Teachers Create” and “Happy Teachers Create: Using Drawing Techniques To Promote Creativity, Inclusivity, and Engagement Among Students” due to overlap in content and objectives.

Course Instructors

  • “I loved all of the articles about different art techniques and different activities to bring into our classrooms.”

  • “I loved the practical videos and articles! The class was engaging and gave me more ideas on how I can use art for self-care and how to engage my students in deeper learning through incorporating the arts.”

  • “Thank you for this awesome course, it was so fun. The part I liked best was that it challenged me to draw.”

  • “This class taught me to bring creativity into my life. I learned that drawing and coloring is fun and relieves stress. I also learned ways to use sketching in my lessons as formative assessments and to help students remember concepts.”

  • “It was inspiring and I learned techniques I could take into the classroom and use right away!”

  • “I loved getting back to taking some creative time for myself. I loved thinking about ways I can implement these ideas in my classroom, even at a high school level.”

  • “I love the push to get out of your comfort zone and create. I am a perfectionist so I needed that push and I have loved the benefits I have received from this course.”

  • “The intentional use of the sketchbook allowed me to follow through on the lessons we were learning, and I am thankful for the interactive discussion boards that made me feel like I was part of a larger community of folks working on these skills.”

  • “I loved the knowledge I gained as well as the practical in class application!”

  • “I liked the variety of articles and videos to watch that showed examples, gave ideas, and research behind drawing and its benefits.”

  • “I liked the variety of learning resources (videos, articles, drawing examples, etc…) that were provided in this course. I also appreciated the diversity of learning activities that we were asked to complete.”

  • “I loved the resources and articles that were provided with specific ideas for implementing art, drawing, and sketchbooks both into my classroom and in my personal life.”

  • “I really enjoyed watching the videos you posted and seeing you actually create what we were learning. I also loved all the ideas about adding drawing as an assessment in class and the evidence to support it!
    I can’t wait to draw out some new things in class next year! Also, one of the articles gave such great ideas to get the community involved and I’m going to try a few out!”

  • “This was a great experience. Although I am an art teacher, and well versed in the use of sketchbooks, I was able to try new techniques, give myself the time to sketch, create a great lesson plan to use, and create a community plan to use with my staff in the fall, so it was very productive!”

  • “Thank you, it made me feel JOY! Thank you for taking the time and care for creating such a fun course. I would take it again if I could because it was so worth it!”

  • “I loved connecting sketch booking to a growth mindset!”

  • :This was one of the best classes that I have taken for applying what I learned in the classroom. I am excited to use drawing and sketching in all of my classes that I teach and it will benefit all my students.”