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Online Formative Assessment Tools

Online Formative Assessment Tools

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This course runs from the first to the last day of the month you register. Enrollment remains open until the 21st of each month.

This course runs from the first to the last day of the month you register. Enrollment remains open until the 21st of each month.

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Course Description

This course is designed to provide teachers with practical knowledge and hands-on experience using formative assessment tools to gather instant feedback and monitor student progress.  Through this course, participants will learn how to incorporate technology into their classrooms and utilize online assessment tools effectively. The course will focus on four key tools: Poll Everywhere, Google Quiz, Edpuzzle, and Kahoot. These tools accommodate diverse learning style needs, foster collaboration, and create a more inclusive learning environment.  Participants will gain a thorough understanding of each tool, learn how to create assessments, and explore ways to utilize the assessment results to inform their instruction.  Teachers are then able to teach students in their classroom to become adept at using technology to increase their academic achievement.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of formative assessment in monitoring student progress.
  • Collect formative and summative data, and analyze outcomes to inform instructional decisions
  • Create effective polls using Poll Everywhere to gather instant feedback from students.
  • Develop and administer assessments using Google Quiz to provide immediate and individualized feedback
  • Create interactive video lessons with embedded assessments and facilitate Kahoot sessions to monitor student progress

Course Instructors

  • “I loved all of these tools! The best part was that I was able to use them in the classroom the next day.”

  • “Edpuzzle was a game changer for me. Thanks!”

  • “My students were so excited that I learned these great tools”

  • “I used the Google forms for my end of year review and my principal was so impressed! Thanks for the suggestion!”

  • “I LOVED the instructional videos and written directions. SO helpful! I appreciated how positive and kind the instructor was in all her feedback. It made me feel at ease with my assignments. I also thought the work was valuable to my daily classroom and was EASILY implemented into my classroom.
    I am elated with how much I’ve learned from this class and how easy it is to implement with my students. This has been the best use of my time and money in a LONG time!”

  • “I loved that everything I learned in this course I could use the same day in my classroom. The tools are engaging and cover a range of uses.”

  • “The formative assessments that I made for the class were used the next day and I was able to change up the way I did activities in my classroom. I was also able to determine what assessments worked best for my students.”

  • “I learned a lot of tips and tricks that I can use in class to try to involve the students more in a lesson without making it overbearing. I like the ideas of Edpuzzle and PollEverywhere, I had not seen those before. I plan to use all of this in future classes.”

  • “I like the choice of the applications and the ease to create for your own classroom. The time is realistic and self-paced works well for me. I am excited to use EdPuzzle.”

  • “The platforms used are those that are well known to me from the 2020-2021 pandemic years, but I never created assignments using them. I was always a bit intimidated to use them. Thank you so much for this class!”

  • “The 4 tools were helpful and relevant. The instructional videos were informative. The time I was able to take to create something to use in my classroom was valuable.”

  • “The directions were clear and easy. The formative assessment tools are so applicable to my classroom. Thank you!”

  • “I really enjoyed the four learning platforms presented, I understand how they can improve my class participation and my teaching.”

  • “I loved learning new and fun online assessments to use in the classroom!”

  • “The instructor provided videos with very clear instructions about how to use the online formative instruction tools and I was able to successfully create 4 different and fun assessment options for first graders. I used to think that Kahoot and Google Quizzes would be too complicated for
    younger students, but found that not only are the tools easy to use and engaging, but that with the options to add pictures for support and voice recordings,
    a 6 year old can definitely use them. I hadn’t heard of EDPuzzle or Poll Everywhere and I enjoyed creating quizzes that I can use easily with younger students.”