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Pear Deck

Pear Deck

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This course runs from the first to the last day of the month you register. Enrollment remains open until the 21st of each month.

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Course Description

In this comprehensive and hands-on course, educators explore and master the use of Pear Deck, a transformative digital tool designed to turn ordinary presentations into dynamic, interactive learning experiences.  Ideal for teachers seeking innovative strategies to foster student engagement, this course aims to maximize student potential. Pear Deck helps with differentiation and application of multiple learning modalities: visual, audio, and kinesthetic activities.  Pear Deck provides a versatile and effective platform to gauge comprehension via a variety of interactive tools. Teachers will learn to use question-and-answer sessions, bell ringers, exit tickets, and social emotional check-ins to engage students.  Real-time monitoring enables educators to tailor teaching approaches to each student’s learning pace and style. Moreover, Pear Deck streamlines the feedback process, allowing educators to provide timely and efficient responses to students’ work, leading to enhanced student outcomes.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify evidence-based best practices for interactive lessons that personalize learning, improve access to content, and increase achievement.
  • Create a Pear Deck account and design instructional strategies to utilize Pear Deck lessons and support sessions.
  • Implement dashboard tools and understand Pear Deck’s functionalities to adapt lessons and encourage student interaction and engagement.
  • Design lessons to monitor student progress, guide discussions, and provide opportunities to collaborate with peers to build better connections with students.
  • Analyze ways to differentiate instruction and use scaffolding options to raise academic achievement. 
  • Evaluate ways to use the audio and immersive reader tools to adapt lessons to different learning styles and student needs. 
  • Design and implement a lesson with Pear Deck’s flashcards to increase vocabulary by defining words, giving them meaning, providing synonyms and antonyms, and using new words in sentences.
  • Design lessons that utilize interactive Pear Deck technology tools that differentiate for a diverse student population and provide a more inclusive environment.
  • Implement feedback tools to monitor progress, collect formative and summative data, and analyze student outcomes to inform instructional decisions.

Course Instructors

  • “I am not tech-savvy, but found this class so easy to follow and I made several Pear Decks to use this week!”

  • “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to present without Pear Deck again. My students love it too!”

  • “I just wish I had taken this class earlier this year. It is a fantastic tool!”

  • “The personalized docs are amazing. Pear Deck is my new favorite!”

  • “I use Pear Deck often as an online teacher, but I gained new insight and ideas as how to best use it in the online space. I especially love the audio (something I haven’t used before).”

  • “I had really doubted Pear Deck about a year or so ago, and struggled to figure out how to best weave it in. But this showed me so many ideas for higher order thinking, teacher-driven, student-lead, and more. I was impressed and frankly, surprised by how much I liked it.
    Have already added a few to my intro slides for next years classes!”

  • “I loved learning about such an interactive tool for my students. There are so many cool features!”

  • “I liked that all of the assignments were something I will use in my class immediately.”

  • “On our 9th grade English team, we use Pear Deck add-on’s but this course and the video tutorials provided me with many more tools that I didn’t know about that will help add more flavor to my lessons!”

  • “I loved how applicable this course was. I made and then used Pear Deck presentations this week in my class and the students AND Paraprofessionals in my class loved them.”

  • “I had some great knowledge about PearDeck coming into this class but I was still able to learn some valuable tools. I did not know about being able to set a timer on a specific slide, how to show an exemplary answer or block a response, and had not spent much time with the templates.
    Thanks for a great class.”

  • “This course was filled with great resources to use for teaching. It was well organized and all the material was useful to apply to the subject area.”

  • “I really enjoyed learning new ways to give kids feedback on their work through Peardeck!”

  • “I loved the hands-on aspect of this course. I also felt that it was very practical and functional in nature. I will certainly continue to use PearDeck in my classes.”

  • “The instructional videos were straightforward and easy to follow along. I also enjoyed viewing other teacher’s pear decks to get ideas.”

  • “I have been wanting to learn how to use Pear Deck for a few years and it felt overwhelming to me. This course broke it down into manageable chunks and I now feel comfortable using it with students.”

  • “I enjoyed how interactive it was – whatever I was learning – I was applying and using that same day. The assignments truly helped me to learn and use Pear Deck in a meaningful way.”

  • “I loved the hands-on lessons which had us creating pear deck lessons for our own students. This was very useful and beneficial, and it's much easier to learn how to do something new (especially when related to technology) when we are going through all the steps and using it ourselves!
    The instructions on how to do each step were short, clear, and understandable. I never felt overwhelmed, which was nice!”

  • “Though I’m familiar with PearDeck, I got some new tips, like creating a question in the middle of a lesson, adding audio clips, and leaving feedback to students during or after a lesson.”

  • “I was very interested to learn more about Pear Deck. I liked the video to learn and then try and apply after watching the video.”

  • “This class was amazing – I have never even worked on Pear Deck before and the things I can do with it – I am literally so excited to start planning for next year!!! This has been so very cool to learn about!”

  • “I feel that I have a much better understanding of PearDeck and I am very excited to use it more with my students. After this course, it doesn’t feel as cumbersome to create a peardeck activity. I think it would be super easy to use in math with the Google Slides that I have already made.
    I am so happy to see how easy it is to get immediate feedback.”

  • “Looking back, I didn’t know anything about Pear Deck and I’m so happy I took this course! I wish I had known all the Pear Deck add-ons sooner.”

  • “Even though I was familiar with Pear Deck, I was never actually trained to use Pear Deck, so this class really helped me learn all the features of Pear Deck.”