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Course Description

Prepare to immerse yourself in a learning management system that genuinely offers a comprehensive solution for educators, parents, students, administrators, and the wider community to interact and share information. Schoology is tailor-made for K-12 learners, boasting integration with over 200 tools, student data systems, and edtech platforms directly within its ecosystem. This course will guide you through the fundamental aspects of Schoology, share helpful tips, expose you to actual course examples, and enable you to create a course of your own. Upon completion of this course, you’ll have a beautifully crafted Schoology course ready for implementation. Please note, to fully engage with this course, you’ll need the Enterprise (school-based) version of Schoology. However, a sandbox course is available for your use if necessary.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Analyze and evaluate various tools and features available on the learning management system to create effective course structures.
  • Create and assess rubrics to ensure that assignments align with course objectives and student learning outcomes.
  • Design and administer assessments that measure student learning effectively, using appropriate questioning techniques and assessment tools.
  • Create and organize folders, use visual aids to organize and present course material, and utilize the App Center to add external tools and resources to their courses.
  • Facilitate effective communication with students through updates, announcements, and discussions, and design badges to promote student engagement and motivation.

Course Instructors

  • "I loved this course so much and I will be using all of this information this year. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such detailed videos."

  • "I had a lot of experience with Schoology, and the instructor did a good job setting up the class in a way that I could quickly browse through videos or parts of videos that I already understood."

  • "I loved the access to all of the resources, video explanation/tutorials, and having time to actually put the knowledge/skills to practice."

  • "I just really enjoyed learning about the different features Schoology has to offer!"

  • "I liked learning about the badges and the ability to add images to Schoology pages."

  • "The practicality of the course. I can walk into my classroom tomorrow and put the information right to use."

  • "I use Schoology daily and this really taught me a lot of new things about using it and how to organize my Schoology classroom more clearly and effectively, as well as using some of the tools that I had never really dived into before!"

  • "I feel more confident using my school’s learning platform!"

  • "I liked that there were different levels to the course for people that are already familiar with Schoology."

  • "I loved looking at Schoology with a new vision, I learned a few tricks along the way to make the quality of life for my and my students' usage of Schoology better."

  • "Creating and exploring all that Schoology has to offer."

  • "All the tips on how to organize my classes."

  • "I love how hands-on it was. I also loved how there were videos associated with the learning objectives because I am a hands-on learner and watching videos is way more helpful to me than reading something."

  • "I liked how there was both a video and a reading option, and that the assessment styles were varied."

  • "I liked the video portions best. I'm a visual learner!"