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Using Seesaw to Elevate Student Work

Using Seesaw to Elevate Student Work

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Course Description

Are you seeking methods to enhance student participation and work within your classroom? Seesaw is a multifaceted platform that empowers teachers to individualize learning, assign tasks, provide feedback, engage with families, and encourage student creativity, all from a single hub! In this course, you’ll familiarize yourself with Seesaw, establish a class, personalize various features and tools, connect with families, manage your assignments, make use of the Activity Library, and comprehend the different available versions. Offering 45 hours of practical learning, this course guides you through the steps to fully optimize your Seesaw account!

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Create a class in Seesaw and add students using a preferred sign in method.
  • Describe Seesaw and its benefits for students, teachers, and families.
  • Use the tools Seesaw provides to draw, take a picture, write a note, add a link, upload a file, or take a video.
  • Research and assign a pre-made activity to students through the Activity Library.
  • Design an original activity using the Seesaw creative tools.

Course Instructors

  • "I learned SO much about being able to use Seesaw in my classroom!"

  • "All of the great tips and tricks to expand my Seesaw lessons and activities!"

  • "I loved that it was hands-on lessons. SeeSaw really has a lot of avenues for students to be engaged in lessons."

  • "I learned, finally, how to use Seesaw to the fullest."

  • "I liked that I could submit assignments from my real class after making improvements."

  • "I love that it was self-paced and that there were options to have video and written instructions."

  • "The course has helped to create more specific work for the students and the Folder to organize their work seems like a lifesaver!"

  • "The videos Emily made were very helpful. I was easily able to navigate through the site because the videos made it very clear."

  • "I liked that written and video instructions were included, and there were multiple options available to go in-depth in the class."

  • "What I liked best about this course is that I could use the information immediately. This course was very purposeful and the instructor was helpful."

  • "I did not know anything about Seesaw before this course. Thank you so much! The videos that walk you through everything were simple to follow."

  • "I like how we looked at it as a student and as a teacher. I think understanding a platform as a student is very important before we ask students to use it. I also liked that it felt like it explored most aspects of Seesaw."

  • "I LOVED the videos that accompanied each mini lesson taught. It was helpful to see how each aspect of Seesaw was modeled first. This allowed me to practice prior to submitting my assignments."

  • "The directions were very clear. Visual samples were provided. I was able to pause tutorial videos and try the skill for myself. If I had difficulty I was able to replay the video as many times as needed until I grew in confidence. I also appreciated the hands-on activities with each step
    along the way. It helped to practice and apply the skill being taught without confusion."

  • "Compared to other teacher professional development courses, this Happy Teacher course through Schoology was definitely worth the investment. The way everything was laid out was so easy to navigate, find assignments, get instructions, and upload finish assignments.
    So many other online website programs take an incredible amount of extra time just trying to figure out how to use the program."

  • "Every lesson it walked you through how to complete the assignment. I am very hands-on and this was very helpful. The lessons were great because I could take what I learned and put it to use with my students."

  • "I appreciated the videos, written instructions, as well as the rubric. It was easy to navigate in Schoology. The examples in the lessons helped me complete the assignments."

  • "I learned new ways to create and assign activities. I learned how to add skill folders based on standards for each activity which will turn into an online Seesaw grade book."

  • I love how when Emily gave an assignment, she followed it with a demonstration. This made it very clear what was to be done. I liked the hands-on practice with the actual app/class we created. I was able to get a few things set for the beginning of the coming school year!"