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Integrating Social-Emotional Learning

Integrating Social-Emotional Learning

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Course Description

Social-emotional learning (SEL) helps students develop the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. SEL involves teaching students to recognize and manage their emotions, build positive relationships, make responsible decisions, and communicate effectively. By incorporating SEL into daily instruction, teachers can create a safe and supportive learning environment that fosters social, emotional, and academic growth. SEL can also help students develop resilience, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being. By investing in SEL, teachers can help students develop the skills they need to succeed not only academically, but also build healthy relationships, and navigate challenges throughout their lives. 

This course is designed to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to effectively promote social and emotional learning in their classrooms. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the core SEL competencies, explore evidence-based instructional techniques, and learn to create a safe and inclusive classroom environment. Additionally, educators will gain self-care strategies to support their own social and emotional well-being, enabling them to thrive personally and professionally. This course will empower educators to create a positive and transformative learning experience for themselves and their students.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Evaluate the academic and mental health benefits of incorporating SEL into teaching practices and the classroom.
  • Identify the five core competencies of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and describe the essential skills that support students’ social, emotional, and academic success.
  • Develop strategies to integrate SEL practices into teaching practices to support students’ social and emotional growth.
  • Analyze the importance of supporting adult SEL and its impact on professional performance and student learning outcomes.
  • Design self-care practices to model social and emotional well being.

Course Instructors

  • "Learning more about myself, which will in turn help me be a better teacher for my students."

  • "The Self-Care Plan I created. I think all teachers should engage in this practice!"

  • "I have taken several Happy Teacher classes and this has definitely been one of my favorites! I found the activities to be meaningful and closely related to what we, as teachers, do in the classroom and in our lives as we attempt to gain work/life balance.
    I am excited about the new resources that I learned about, including the SEL curriculums and the mindfulness and resilience activities. I can’t wait to start incorporating these into the classroom in August!"

  • "Thank you for curating meaningful content. Many of these concepts were things that I learned about in the past but I really needed a reminder and additional resources on how to implement SEL in the classroom."

  • "The content was engaging, the assignments were meaningful, and the time restraints were reasonable."

  • "I found it inspiring for teachers. The content is something I can use right away. I genuinely appreciate how Happy Teacher Courses are things I can apply right away and they are realistic, practical, and from real teachers."

  • "I found the resources very relevant. I liked that there was always information for both primary and secondary educators and the information will really benefit our students."

  • "I loved the resources we were given and I loved that the reflection questions helped me think about how I could really apply these resources and learning into my life. It made the learning very applicable."

  • "I greatly appreciated the well-conceived readings/videos, web links, and activities. It gave me access to resources that I needed, and practice in implementing the objectives of the course."

  • "I liked that there were sections focused on adult SEL and that it forced me to take a look at my own struggles with taking time for myself to regulate, especially in times of stress." -

  • "This course was filled with many great resources. It was well organized and so easy to navigate everything as needed."

  • "It was directly applicable to my work and helped me personally as well."

  • "Great resources, very clear assignments that were purposeful, and made me think."

  • "I really enjoyed the videos and reading resources for ideas on how to add to my SEL toolbox."

  • "I liked all the strategies to take care of yourself and teach students the same thing."

  • "This course was practical and relevant to educators. The articles and videos were very helpful."

  • "Everything was excellent and I learned a lot from this course!"

  • "I appreciate all of the strategies that were shared and a chance to map out my own self-care plan."

  • "I liked learning about the science of resilience and SEL. I also enjoyed creating and reflecting on my own personal wellness plan."

  • "I liked the discussion assignments and being able to see other teachers’ ideas on how they’d incorporate SEL into their classrooms, or what they have done already that has been successful. The resources, videos, and articles are a great resource to refer back to when needed."