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Cultivating Kindness

Cultivating Kindness

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Course Description

Fostering a culture of kindness in educational settings has far-reaching benefits, as underscored by science. Kindness triggers the release of hormones that enhance happiness, boost energy, and alleviate pain, depression, and even high blood pressure. This course provides educators and students with techniques to integrate more kindness into their school environments, a process that is pivotal to creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Access to free resources and a carefully designed curriculum is provided, equipping participants with tools they need to cultivate kindness in their respective roles. Course activities range from examining concrete kindness curriculums, maintaining a kindness-focused journal, practicing acts of kindness and experiencing their direct benefits, to devising a plan for implementing kindness on a wider scale.

By cultivating kindness in schools, educators can enhance student wellbeing, promote positive behavior, and inspire more empathetic, caring learning communities.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Define the concept of kindness in both personal and professional contexts.
  • Describe the benefits that kindness brings to individuals, students, and the entire school community.
  • Evaluate effective, evidence-based resources and learning materials that create positive outcomes for educators and students.
  • Design a unique kindness plan to ensure the integration of these ideas into personal and professional contexts.
  • Deliver effective lessons on kindness to students.
  • "The wonderful resources that were shared- I am walking away with so many activities to start implementing at my school and classroom!"

  • "So many accessible strategies for implementing kindness into my life and my instruction. Learning about the health effects of kindness on the person being kind is a nice thing to know about."

  • "I felt inspired. I thought everything was organized, logical, clear, useful, and positive. Very authentic and practical. I liked that all parts flowed well together and there was a good balance between reading, video, and audio."

  • "The resources were so helpful! As a busy teacher and mom, it’s wonderful to be able to pull from a vetted source and not have to do hours and hours of research and planning in order to incorporate this into my class!"

  • "I loved the self-paced format and all of the resources that were shared. There were so many activities that I have either already implemented or am excited to do soon!"

  • "I loved ALL the content and believe it is critical material everybody should learn."

  • "I loved the different resources that were provided for kindness activities to implement in my classroom the next day!"

  • "The resources were so organized, beneficial, and of great variety (articles, lesson plans, and videos)."

  • "I love learning that kindness has a rippling and positive impact on people and communities. It even has a positive impact even on bystanders. I’m excited to incorporate what I’ve learned into my classroom."

  • "The resources were incredible. Some of them resonated with me on a deep and powerful level. I learned so much about showing myself kindness and how to cultivate kindness in both of my buildings. Thank you!"

  • "I loved the variety of resources and content provided to students in this course. All very actionable and helpful!"

  • "I liked how the sections were organized, easy to follow, and gave me specific ideas to use at my school right away!"

  • "The course material was very comprehensive and had a good flow from the first concept to the last."

  • "I loved all the specific resources given to us with activities to teach kindness, specifically The Random Acts of Kindness curriculum!"

  • "The abundance of USEFUL resources that I am eager to implement this upcoming school year!"

  • "I loved doing this course with a colleague because we could talk about the resources that we would actually use in our school next year. The resources given were also AMAZING!!"

  • "I loved this course so much! I so appreciated all of the practical ideas that I can do with my class on how to teach kindness."

  • "I enjoyed exploring resources I can implement in my classroom right away! I’m especially excited about RAK cards (I created them yesterday and plan to laminate them soon!), and the “Kindness in the Classroom” curriculum
    (I printed it out and explored it yesterday, and I think my 5th graders will love it!)."

  • "I loved all of the resources! Lots of information and very inspiring videos really motivated me to make changes in my own life as well as pass this gift of kindness along with others."

  • "I found the learning to be NEW. There are times when I take a course and feel like I have already heard/learned about some of the concepts. With this course almost everything was new. I had never heard of the RAK Foundation or Life Vest Inside."

  • "Everything that I learned was applicable to my teaching. Through the work I was able to develop systems and strategies for the upcoming school year, with lots of great resources and lesson plans to get me started.
    I particularly like how helpful and kind the instructor was, and how quick and responsive they were to my emails and questions."